Be it travelling within the country or around the world, air journey has played an important role in bringing two cities or two countries together in a minimum time. Due to the fact that air travel is much more convenient way of travelling, people in India are choosing to travel by air than by any other form of transport. With the presence of a large number of multi-national companies and foreign companies in India, there is a huge demand for international airlines in India.Millions of Indians and other foreigners travel frequently to and from India for leisure and business needs. Therefore, understanding the needs of passengers, many domestic and international airlines have established their brands in India.

The advent of LCC (Low Cost Carrier) service has revolutionized aviation industry in India and worldwide alike, thereby making air travel an affordable option for everyone. Some of the popular low cost domestic airlines in India include Air India Express, GoAir, IndiGo, SpiceJet and AirAsia India. Though the LCC are not quite fancy like their flashy counterparts, they have at least played a great role in making air transportation available to all.

Similar to domestic airlines, a lot of new international airlines have entered the Indian market with highly competitive airfare. The international airlines are well-connected to almost all prominent cities of the world and provide a smooth flow of air traffic worldwide. These international airlines offer either direct flights to requisite destination or there are various transitional options which help the passengers to reach the destination in minimum time. Just like domestic airlines, the international airlines too have understood the importance of cost-efficient air travel. Some of the popular LCC international airlines in India include Air Asia, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways and Emirates.

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